Into the Silence


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Seeking a Vision


A Vision Quest is done as part of an ongoing search for the meaning and purpose of your life. Native Americans believe that we were put on Earth for a special reason, but we often do not know why, and without this knowledge we feel lost and confused. That’s why Native Americans practice a Vision Quest that is meant to open the door to the spiritual world and help us find our path in life. By going Into the Silence, a Vision Quest is an attempt to meet a  guardian spirit or guardian animal, often through the process of fasting, isolation and meditation. Going Into the Silence allows one to tap into their higher, spiritual self where Creator dwells. It is an opportunity to be in clarity of hearing, listening and seeing.

The process includes a complete fast for four days and nights. One must go to a sacred site in Nature which is chosen by the Elders for this purpose. This sacred site usually has a circle of rocks about ten feet wide, in which he sits in the middle of. The Elder monitors the Quester for the four days. Then the Vision is interpreted by the person and the Elder together.


A Vision Quest is also a Rite of Passage for a youth. It means a p