Neal TiOmime Rzepkowski

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Neal TiOmime Rzepowski  

Medium, Physician & Teacher

Dr. Neal Rzepkowski, MD is a registered medium at the Lily Dale Assembly, Lily Dale, NY and lives nearby. Neal has dedicated 11 years to the board of Lily Dale Assembly as well as practicing as a Registered Medium. He dedicates his life to Native American Practices and you can often see Neal at many of the Sweat Lodges and Outdoor message services that are held during the Summer Season.He gives mediumship readings there year round and also teaches classes and leads sweat lodges during their summer season.

A new book (paperback and ebook) about him has been published and is now available. Neal Rzepkowski, MD: About Life, Love, Mediumship and the Spirit World. It is volume 3 in the Through a Medium’s Eyes series by Ruth Shilling.

Neal Rzepkowski, MD, is NOT a “born medium”.


It took Neal a year and a half in development circle study before he was able to deliver his first recognizable message. His first public message in 1973 at Forest Temple made no sense at all to the person who received it. (Hey, you’ve got to start somewhere!) He says he benefits from classes, like the ones he will teach at Lily Dale this summer, which push him (and will push attendees as well) outside their “comfort zones.”

What's it like to be both a psychic medium and a doctor? “Doc Neal” Rzepkowski says that he is not a born medium but instead developed his skill through focused desire and practice. At first, he thought there must be a trick to it and